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We provide distinguished solutions for managing training and educational institutions.

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About Gate ACAID for Educational Services

Our Vision

Gate ACAID for Educational Services aims to be the primary and trusted partner for academic institutions and educational organizations worldwide. We believe in the importance of providing exceptional and innovative educational and consulting services to help these entities achieve excellence, success, and competitiveness in the field of education. Through our deep understanding of the needs of academic institutions and educational organizations, we offer tailored solutions that enhance quality and efficiency in the educational process. Our services include specialized consultations in curriculum development and the implementation of effective learning strategies, as well as providing innovative educational resources and modern educational technology that contribute to stimulating learning and enhancing interaction in the educational environment. Jet Academy aspires to guide academic institutions and educational organizations towards sustainable paths of development and growth, enhancing their position and ability to compete in the constantly evolving and changing global education market.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote sustainable learning and enhance excellence in educational institutions worldwide.

  • Distinguished advisory and educational services
  • Managing educational institutions efficiently
  • Registration services in skilled universities
  • Professional fellowship
About US

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering GATE


To become the leading online training gateway in internationally accredited specialized management programs and curricula, serving and developing leaders and researchers, empowering them to excel on the global stage in the fields of Business Management, Legal Management, and Political Management, all contributing to the knowledge society


To provide training programs using the latest methods, delivered by expert, professional specialists with high academic qualifications in their respective fields. Our aim is to prepare the best leadership and professional competencies in the fields of Business Management, International Commercial Arbitration, Diplomatic and Political Relations, in order to contribute to building a thriving knowledge society.


We offer customized training programs based on a precise analysis of market and company needs. Our programs feature a practical and theoretical approach, delivered by qualified trainers. We focus on providing comprehensive learning experiences that go beyond theoretical concepts, and we build lasting relationships with participants to support ongoing learning and performance improvement


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A. Rasha

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What sets professional studies apart?


International Professional Certifications

These certifications are awarded after successfully passing accredited exams or training courses, along with the preparation of research work. They are considered a valuable addition to an individual's resume, whether one is seeking international job opportunities or aiming to enhance their chances of securing a prestigious position in their home country.


Graduation Ceremony

We share in your joy over your professional achievement and celebrate the completion of your academic journey. We are delighted to present you with your research paper or dissertation, and we wish you a bright future filled with successful and rewarding challenges.

The latest articles

The latest articles

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Graduation Parties

Latest conferences

Organizing international conferences for master’s and doctoral degrees and professional fellowships for professional experiences with scientific institutions in all Arab and international countries.

image 25-Jan-2024

Stay tuned for our graduation ceremony for Master's and Doctoral degree holders in 2024

The official conference for Master's and Doctoral degree holders
image 14-Jul-2022

The official conference for master’s and doctoral degree holders in Abu Dhabi

The official conference for master’s and doctoral degree holders in Abu Dhabi
image 01-Jan-2023

The official conference for master’s and doctoral degree holders in Sharm El-Shaikh

The official conference for master’s and doctoral degree holders in Sharm El-Shaikh